Hi – Stan Schultes here. Welcome to the Smart Innovation blog.

Please let me introduce myself – I’m the Resident Innovation Architect at cowork-to-incubation space Station 2 Innovation, and co-founder of innovation firm Spark Growth. I have a passion for creating community engagement between entrepreneurs, investors, and educational resources, and as a certified business incubation professional, helping to create and nurture startups. In my external project work, I specialize in guiding the creation of Smart Cities strategies, planning Innovation Districts development, and spending time collaborating with a network of global thought leaders on a variety of game-changing projects.

As co-founder of Spark Growth, a boutique innovation firm, our goal is to help people think differently. We provide Innovation as a Service to a variety of organizations, governments, and companies worldwide. As we find interesting problems to solve through project engagement, we bring a variety of experts and specialists, cultivated through our thought leaders exchange, to participate in the innovation and solution process. We grow people, businesses, and communities – and are always looking for cool people to engage with.

I have a deep background architecting and building global, technical enterprise software solutions in a field I call IDEAS: Innovation, Design and Engineering Automation Systems. I have broad experience working internationally, collaborating on systems development, driving commercialization, and transferring enterprise solutions to partners worldwide. I’ve always pushed the limits of technology, enabling my projects to be disruptive in their industries. I’ve been responsible at the corporate engineering level for tech scouting, feasibility evaluation and making build vs. buy decisions for tools and solutions.

The number of tools available today, coupled with the rapid pace of change and the challenges & opportunities associated with the increasing velocity of change, make this one of the most exciting seasons of my life’s work. I’m an expert in Purdue Agile Strategy Lab’s Strategic Doing, an agile and action-centric protocol for rapid development and implementation of strategies across organizations and sectors. As an entrepreneur and professional technologist, I’ve led teams from the Fortune 200 to stewardship of several startups. I’m internationally recognized as a technology expert, book author and tech columnist, developer show co-host, and Microsoft RD (Regional Director). I earned the coveted Microsoft MVP award from 2004 through 2018 (15 years) in languages, developer tools, cloud and data systems.

Please let me know what you think: stan@sparkgrowth.net. Thanks for visiting!

MVP from 2004-2018

Microsoft RD (Regional Director)