I figured I’d start out posing a few questions I get frequently, which I’ll follow up with more detailed posts. I’ll start with my favorite, Smart Cities…

Can someone please tell me what is a Smart City? In talking with city leaders and vendors, I’ve heard many definitions. That’s usually followed closely by: where do I begin, and what are the critical priorities and considerations in a Smart Cities project? Even more interesting: how do I know if my city is “smart” or not? Not to be forgotten: my city has no money – how can I fund a Smart Cities project? I’m sure that many City Councils would love to know the answer. Issues abound in Smart Cities projects, including privacy and security concerns, and how to engage with citizens.

Ok, so I’ve heard of Smart Cities, but what’s an Innovation District? In some places, it could be just another slant on the Smart City, but in my definition, it’s really more of an Economic Development driver. In another twist: Smart Cities is a huge undertaking – can I start with a smart neighborhood? Yes, of course you can… And the inevitable: Can you explain what the Internet of Things (IoT, or Internet of Everything, IoE) is?

Of course, Innovation isn’t just focused today on Smart Cities and Innovation Districts. Companies are struggling to innovate inside their four walls, and so they are reaching into the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurial community for help. Finding investment is an issue no matter who you are – what are some of the new models in public private partnerships, and impact investing? How can innovation happen on a global basis, and how can I protect my intellectual property in a global world?

All great questions, and fertile ground to explore in the coming months. Please stop back regularly, and see what I’m up to! Thanks for visiting.