In this blog, I intend to share my thoughts around the process of innovation – covering a variety of topics involving Smart Cities strategies, Innovation Districts development, and other cool ideas I dream up from the variety of projects I’m involved with.

So, what is Innovation, anyway? A friend recently said the word has been banned by some organizations because it’s come to mean too many different things in common usage. A word that’s been so overused and over-applied that it’s lost its essential meaning.

I respectfully disagree. There is no other word that quite captures that essence of Innovation – the process of coming up with new ideas, products, or services. Ideas that transcend your current state and take you to new places. A process that is fundamental to making change, going beyond the status quo – in short, finding new ways of doing things. And it’s even beyond the new ways – it’s discovering new things, ways of working, methods and processes. I think that’s really important.

Innovation is necessary for moving yourself and your organization forward – to be more competitive, to solve tough problems, to connect the dots of great ideas. What is most important, besides the idea, is acting and moving your ideas forward. If no action is taken, the idea simply remains an idea.

Please join me on this journey of innovation, along with the necessary actions to make the innovation real. In gymnastics, athletes know it’s important to stick the landing. In innovation, it’s important that your ideas stick. Same basic concept.